Let Us Help You

Engineering Consultancy

We provide professional and expert advice in the field of electrical engineering and control systems. We have a group of experienced and licensed engineers that can provide a technical advice or define a solution and recommend the best course of action that the client could take. A good engineering consultant like us can help you save time effort and money.

System Design and Upgrading

We plan and create a design using a methodological approach, from drawing schematic diagrams, electrical layouts, cable and bus duct routings up to project execution. Everything is carefully studied and considered to achieve the best result.

Preventive Maintenance

Periodical preventive maintenance is very important and should be performed in a regular basis to lessen the likelihood of the equipment failing. It is also important in prolonging the life of the equipment.

Application Assistance

We assist in the configuration and setting up of our equipments and controllers to ensure that it will operate smoothly. It will also give additional knowledge to the client’s personnel to make them more confident in the equipment’s operation.

Distribution Boards

We also do

  • Technical Services and Support
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Rehabilitation and Troubleshooting of Generators and Synchronizing Panels